Musical Affair


Q.     How long has your company been in business and how experienced are your disc jockeys with weddings?

A.     Musical Affair was founded in 1989 by co-owner and DJ, Craig Michaels.  All of our DJ’s have a minimum of 15-20 years of experience.  Many of our DJ entertainers have a background in radio, TV, nightclub, and mobile DJ entertainment.  We can bring as much or as little personality to your wedding as you like.


Q.     Do you provide a written contract for your services?

A.     Absolutely. The contract protects both parties involved. The contracts are usually delivered via email, however, we can mail or fax them–-whatever you prefer.


Q.     May I see a specific DJ perform at a wedding reception?

A.     References and testimonials are available on our website for your review.  We are happy to set up an in-person meeting with your entertainer in our office and will make every effort to see that you're comfortable with your choice before booking.  Sending people out to view our entertainers at private events and weddings is not something we would typically do out of respect for the privacy of our clients--just as we would not send a prospective client to your event.


Q.     How much does Musical Affair Entertainment charge?

A.     Your rate will depend on the services you choose and the length of your event.  Musical Affair customizes each event to fit your specific entertainment needs.  Please call us for a quote at 760-619-3276.


Q.     Is Musical Affair Entertainment a member of any local or national wedding organizations?

A.     Yes. We are members of the Greater Palm Springs Wedding Association, as well as the Temecula Valley Wedding Professionals.


Q.     How early will the DJ arrive prior to a wedding reception?

A.     Arrival time is generally 60 minutes prior, unless otherwise requested, and setup is generally completed 15 minutes before stated contract time.


Q.     What does the DJ wear to a wedding reception?

A.     The DJ will always dress in appropriate attire according to the event and the wishes of the client. For weddings, our DJs wear slacks and a jacket unless otherwise instructed.


Q.     How much music will the DJ bring to the event?

A.     Musical Affair DJs come equipped with digital systems filled with over 40,000 songs to keep your guests entertained. We also always review your wedding planner prior to the event and make sure we arrive with your specific music requests.  We also bring wireless microphones for the toast at no additional cost.


Q.     Will the DJ take requests from our guests?
A.    Per your direction, we can take requests from your guests, or stick to your personal play list.


Q.     Are there any special needs for the DJ’s equipment that we need to provide?

A.     You will only need to provide a standard 110 outlet.  If the wedding is outside, we require the client to provide a cover to protect the equipment from rain or sun.


Q.     Will the DJ take any breaks?
A.    The DJ does not take any breaks unless instucted by the client to do so.


Q.     What is the payment schedule?

A.     There is usually a $200 retainer to reserve your chosen date.  The full balance is due the day of the wedding or the day before.  We accept Visa, Master Card, AmEx, cashier and personal checks.


Q.     What happens if the DJ gets sick or some tragic event happens in their life, do we have a backup?

A.     Of course.  Musical Affair will secure a suitable replacement in the event of injury or illness of the scheduled DJ.


Q.     Does the DJ need to be fed at my wedding reception?

A.     A meal is not required for the DJ if your wedding is a 4 hour event. However, if the event is 5 hours or more, a meal should be secured for the DJ.


Q.     Is it customary to tip the DJ and, if so, what is an appropriate amount?

A.     Tipping is always appreciated and is fairly customary, however, it is at your sole discretion.  If you feel your DJ has done a fantastic job, then by all means, you are welcome to show your appreciation in the form of a tip.  As for the amount, we recommend tipping in $25 increments, but again, it's completely at your discretion.



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