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 "Game Show Mania"

Bring your party to the next level by adding some "GAME SHOW MANIA!" to your event. Get the sights and sounds of a real live game show. Experience the buzzers, the lights and the excitement of seeing the crowd go wild as a row of 4 contestants square off behind our colorful red, yellow, blue and green game show podiums to compete for an array of fun prizes. Whether it’s music trivia or general knowledge trivia, game shows appeal to virtually all ages.

Questions and music trivia can be customized to fit the theme of your event. Perfect for Mitzvahs and can be used as team building for corporate event.  

 " At The Hop"

It’s leather jackets, rolled up jeans and poodle skirts, bubble-gum blowing contests and hula hooping!  Get ready to ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK with our 50’s party.  Your DJ or band will come dressed in 50’s attire and be prepared to get the crowd rocking to hits of the 50’s.  A dance and costume contest can add to the fun, as well.  Add two dancers in 50’s attire to interact with the crowd and wow everyone with their high-energy twist and jive routines. Treat your guests to a little hip shakin from the King of Rock n' Roll himself. Let Musical Affair book some of the best tribute artists from the 50's to perform a stage show!   


"Saturday Night Fever"

A disco theme is popular with all ages. Everyone loves to dance to the timeless hits of the 70's like KC and the Sunshine Band, Bee Gees, and the queen of disco Donna Summer. Hire one of our interactive DJs to engage the crowd with a Disco dance contest or teach your guests how to do the hustle. We also have some great disco bands you can book dressed in funky pants and big disco hair styles.

Complete the party with a Saturday Night Fever dance floor and a star ball that shoots big white dots around the room to give your party a "Studio 54 Vibe" 

"Let's GLOW Crazy" 

GLOW theme with black lighting on the dance floor, tables that change color every 10 seconds, glow in the dark balloons, glow accessories, such as glow necklaces, bracelets, etc.  Dancers are in white costumes with fluorescent neon color accents to make the most of the black light effect. This is great for mitzvahs, birthdays and grad parties!  Glow products can be ordered on our home page by clicking on "Party Store"



"Phantom of the Opera"

If you enjoyed "The Phantom of the Opera," then you must consider our "Phantom of the Opera" party!  A night of romance will consume you as Christine and the Phantom fill the air with their "Music of the Night!"  Throughout the evening the two will sing 5 famous Phantom of the Opera songs ending with the classic Phantom of the Opera Reprise.  Add a variety dance band to fill the dance floor after the show and you have a perfect country club or corporate event!

“Beach Blanket Bingo”

A professional DJ or band will play all your favorite beach songs. Surf's up with two professional dancers dressed in appropriate beach attire to perform choreographed routines and assist with interactive dance floor games. Beach Party Package Includes: Hula-hoops, limbo pole, and beach towels for “Beach Blanket Bingo” game. You supply the Frisbees and a few giant beach balls for tossing among the crowd and you've got a beach party! 

“Drive in Movie”

Drive-in movies have been a nostalgic part of our pop culture since the 1950's. This is a great theme for country clubs, fundraisers or city sponsored events. Guests can pull their golf carts or lounge chairs around the big screen and enjoy fresh popcorn, candy, hot-dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream. Enhance your drive-in theater experience with a wide range of entertainment and vendors. Before showtime, your guests can dance to thier favorite music or play movie trivia. Bring your theme to the next level by adding a classic car exhibit to give it a retro feel.


 "Day At The Races"

Your guests will get a chance to win, place, or show! Party goers can step up to the betting windows and use funny money to bet on real horse races played on a large video screen. Use the race forms and betting cards to wager on the Daily Double. 

At the end of the event, guests can use the money they won to buy prizes or the DJ can do a live auction for more fun. Your DJ also acts as MC to exlplain how the betting works and play music before, during, and after the races. Great for fundraisers or corporate team building.  

“Star Gazing”

The Star Gazing events, which range from one to six hours, can accommodate two to 2,000 participants. Guides utilize high-powered computerized telescopes and sky binoculars, to give guests a closer look at the stars. Specially-trained star guides navigate the solar system and weave fantastic tales about the constellations above, drawing upon Greek, Roman, and Indian mythology for inspiration.

“Hooray for Hollywood!” 

“Black-tie & Sequined” costumed dancers can accompany your DJ or band to add an entertainment element to your event that really sets the mood for a theme in keeping with “A Night at the Oscars.”  Hollywood celebrity impersonators can add excitement to the evening and, help with movie trivia contests, etc. 

Oscar winners will be given awards announced in Oscar fashion with a musical fanfare and opening of the envelope with the familiar phrase,”And the winner is….”.  Prizes will be supplied by your company with awards for various categories, per your directives.  (Example, Best Performance by an Employee at a company party/staff meeting, Best Office Gossip, Most Punctual, Best Dressed, Biggest Producer, etc.)   You can give legitimate awards appropriate for employee/manager recognition or get really creative and just make up fun categories for entertainment value.

“A Tour of the Islands” – Complete Polynesian Show

Come tour the Islands of Polynesia with a wide variety of Hawaiian, Tahitian, Samoan and other Island dances.  Complete shows including authentic dancers and Hawaiian bands are also available, even fire knife dancers.  Pricing varies depending upon number of dancers and whether or not you choose the live band or would like the dancers to work with a DJ.  Please call for a quote.


“Ho-Down” – Western Party

Western style line dancers or instuctors can accompany your DJ or band to help energize the crowd, playing dance floor games such as musical chairs, “Ho-Down” Hula Hoops, or limbo contest. If you really want the feel of the "Wild West" check out the many country bands we can book to help you two step the night away, like the American Band or Hickory Wind.  Don't forget the best Ho-Down costume contest...yee-haw!


Dedicated to the grand American tradition of the USO, the ‘Red White & Blue Revue’ creates an atmosphere of fun, merriment and variety entertainment.  Three Women in Harmony, a trio of professional vocalist/performers colorfully costumed for each era, present an array of music customized to your event needs.  The following show features musical variety, choreography, production and delightful vocal harmony. This thirty-five minute variety USO tribute opens with an A Cappella version of our National Anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner,” followed by a lively Armed Services Medley, appropriate for all branches of our services.  The USO had it’s illustrious beginning in the big band era and we feature a swingin’ “Choo Choo Choo Boogie” and the Andrews Sisters’ huge WWII hit, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” to kick it off.

Roaring into the fifties, we bring out the McGuire Sisters’ memorable hit “Sincerely” and Judy Garland’s huge hit “Get Happy”.  “South Pacific’s', “Honey Bun” is the interactive portion of the show, bringing up a high-profile male guest to be our “honey bun.”  This brings down the house and is great fun!  The Vietnam War years receive full recognition in a medley of sixties hits including the Beach Boys, Beatles, Joni Mitchell, folk hits and ending with “Let The Sunshine In”.  This is followed by Lee Greenwood’s, “God Bless The USA!,” which often brings guests to their feet with emotion.  Celine Dion’s version of “God Bless America” sweeps along with this poignant moment of the show.  We end on a ‘high’ with “Living In The USA” made famous by Linda Ronstadt and/or Chuck Berry. 

This 35-minute show performed to pre-recorded musical tracks includes costume changes of red, silver and blue patriotic, sequin vests, Andrews Sisters army costumes, Judy Garland hats, Honey Bun costumes, sixties vests, red cowboy hats.

This show can also be packaged with a professional MC/DJ, who will play background music during the dinner hour, then introduce the show, and handle all the music cues, as well as any needed announcements.  After the show, the DJ will continue to play a variety of appropriate musical selections with a library of hits from the 40’s to today.

 "Route 66"

Set to the Theme of the Famous Route 66, this night will be one that car enthusiasts will love. You can booked with a fifties band or an interactive DJ playing a variety of car related songs and music to keep the dance floor filled. Depending on space we can include a classic car show.

Another consideration would be an award winning Doo Wop group stationed near the vintage cars or strolling around the event to incorporate a wide variety of hits from the 50's and 60's. Everyone will want to take home a piece of the evening with a old fashioned polaroid photo taken by one of our professional photographers.

“Themed Bingo Night” 

This is great for the country club crowd or for a fundraiser. It's a little like traditional Bingo but with a bit of a "spin" on the event to make it fun!

Best Joke Bingo

Whoever wins the round of Bingo in between the rounds, gets to get up and tell their best joke.  At the end of all the rounds, the guests would vote on which 'winner' had the Best Joke.  It really gets people laughing-even at the bad ones!

Mad  Hatter Bingo -

All guests are encouraged to wear their funniest hat or hat that has the greatest story behind it to the event. If you have a creative bunch, you can give them supplies to make their own hats. The MC would go around the room in between the rounds and ask different people to stand up and tell about their particular hat.  Each 'winner' of a round of Bingo would do the same and, at the end of the night, all the winners are lined up for a "Mad Hatter" parade and guests vote on which one has the best hat/story. 

Name that Tune Bingo -

Whoever wins the Bingo round will have an opportunity to win a bounus prize if they can "Name that Tune". Winners of each round get a chance to play 'Name that Tune" against all the other winners at the end of the night.  The DJ can be creative with this game and come up with lots of ways for the members and those in the audience to chime in.  

These are just a few of many, many variations of Bingo that we can do.  We can customize the themed bingo to fit your event. We've found that it really helps keep the crowd engaged and everyone has fun!  We have DJs/MCs with years of cruise ship experience and they know how to really be witty, entertaining and engage the audience.


We provide all the equipment, MC/DJ, professional bingo cards and bingo basket/balls, a state of the art digital sound system and complete music library.  In most cases, this follows a dinner event during which we play nice background music, then begin the Bingo afterward.  The DJ/MC can even facilitate dancing after the bingo is over--we're very flexible about how to structure it so it will work for your particular event.


Novelty or show bands that specialize in a particular era (i.e., 50’s-60’s, 70’s-80’s) are also available and usually perform three high-energy sets, complete with costumes and choreography.  We also have a band that does a “Best of Vegas” show, as well as an “American Idol” contest.  Whether you want to twist, disco, or do the robot, these lively performers will take the crowd back in time to the era of their fondest memories.  Most show bands perform three to four, 45-minute sets.  Pricing varies depending upon the group chosen and performance time needed.

Viva Las Vegas

Always a popular favorite, casino nights can be great fundraisers, as well as just plain FUN!  Many packages are available that come with or without DJs, bands, Las Vegas show girls, or MCs to serve as auctioneers so that winnings can be used to purchase items up for bid.  A variety of options and packages can be customized to fit your needs. Throw in an Elvis look a like and Sin City here we come!

The Mind Reader’s “Mind to Mind” Show

This performer does an interactive "Mind to Mind" show working with the audience where he basically reveals things about people in a fun and entertaining way.  The show lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour and is usually most effective with him up on a riser (although he doesn't insist on one).  He will circulate through the crowd getting people involved. 

This show has been very well received and people tend to talk about it long after the event is over because they've had so much fun. Packages are available with or without a PA.  If you wish, our company can provide the PA system coupled with a DJ to play music throughout your event up to the time for the Mind Reader's show and then pick up the pace for dancing afterwards.  The DJ would play a variety of music --per your requests-- then make the introduction for the Mind Reader.  An evening of complete entertainment all in one package.


We also have some terrific hypnotists that can do a variety of stage shows ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.  Pricing varies, depending upon the performer and the length of the show, but many options are available for budgets of every size.


We have some great comedians that are available to do a show in a similar scenario, either with or without a DJ.   We have one that does great vocal impersonations of singers such as Aretha Franklin, Johnny Mathis, Joe Cocker and many more.  This particular funny man has been on the Tonight Show, as well as traveled all over Europe and played in Vegas.  Not only is he funny, he is vocally gifted, and can entertain you for up to an hour with his zany celebrity impersonationsm with the venue/client supplying the PA. 

We can provide a professional DJ/MC for a complete evening of fun.We do have a variety of other comedians, both male and female available, as well..


“A Day at the Races”, The Rat Pack is Back, Trivia Challenge, and much more!

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