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Fernando & Ernesto



Fernando & Ernesto

Fernando and Ernesto are a talented pair of entertiners, vocalists and musicians who have been touring, recording and creating music worldwide for over 30 years.  Thier music, costumes and instruments are unusually beautiful and something you will remember loing after seeing them perform. 

 Fernando is from a strong musical and professional background.  Having been nurtured into music at the age of six, along with his five brothers, by the time he was 14, he was performing wit one of the best Mariachi bands in the world, "Mariachi Los Galleros de  Pedro Rey" 

Ernesto was born in Parguay, South America and began his musical studies of the majestic harp at the tender age of seven.  Rvered as one of the top ten harp playerfs in the world, Ernesto gives thanks to his father and mentor who tutored him until his professional debut at the age of thirteen with a grop called, "Los Trovadores."  Over the years, Ernesto has toured with several groups and as a solo artist throughout South America, releasing over ten albums throughout Buenos Aires, Argentina and South America.

Since 1991, when Fernando and Ernesto joined forces to combine the magical and diverse sounds of he harp along with solid rhythm and voice, they have toured extensively throughout the United States.  Today, they now call Palm Springs their home.