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Laura H., Comedian

Laura H., Comedian

Laura H., Comedian

Laura at the Improv

Laura H.

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Laura H., Comedian

Laura is like radioactive plutonium; calm, cool and collected until comedy took over her life.  A very introverted child all through school, it wasn’t until graduate school for physical therapy that she realized her comedic potential.  It’s always the quiet ones!  She has the ability to make anything funny, even spinal meningitis.  This talent caused her class to overwhelmingly select her to give their commencement speech. That was the catalyst. After receiving several applause - laughter breaks during her speech, she thought “maybe I’m funny”. Having an unquenchable desire to try or learn anything, as long as it is not illegal or immoral. Well maybe that was being a bit hasty. But on a whim, she took a comedy class and people have been laughing at her ever since.

Since breaking into the field a few years ago, Lauara has been making quite a name for herself on the comedy circuit, keeping people laughing from Coast to Coast.  Here are just a few of the places she's been:

Stand Up Comedy (Partial List)
Comedy Store - Hollywood, CA
Comedy Village- New York, NY
Improv - Brea, Irvine, Ontario, Hollywood, CA
Nick’s Comedy Stop - Boston MA
Comedy Vault at Remington's - Boston MA
Ice House - Pasadena, CA
Mixed Nuts Comedy Club - Los Angeles, CA
Ha Ha Cafe - Los Angeles, CA
Comedy Union - Los Angeles, CA
The Friars Club - Beverly Hills, CA
Comedy Comedy Club - Reno Hilton NV
Comedy Underground - Seattle, Washington
Laff's Comedy Club - Albuquerque MN
Sharkey's Comedy Club, HI
Rascals Comedy Club, NJ
Snicker's Comedy Bar, Fort Wayne IN
Comedy Studio, Harvard Square, MA
The Comedy Connection - Boston, MA
and many more....